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When the time came to decide my choice of college and
course of study, I was confronted with a major conflict
with my father.
He was concerned that success as a fine artist was very
difficult to achieve and, though he recognized that I was a
very talented daughter; he advised a more practical and
achievable goal.
I was greatly distressed by the situation but was advised
by my art teacher “You should major in Fine Art.   I know
you will be a great artist.”
Her encouragement and my dreams carried me forward to
major in fine art –painting. My passion for art and painting
has grown ever since then and I am always sure it was the
right decision.
I very much enjoyed my college years,  and was motivated
by the new situation and the many art classes ; and I was
totally absorbed by art and college life.
Again I was rewarded for my efforts with scholarships from
the school.

After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree I was lucky
to be able to continue with a graduate course in fine art. I
was eager to begin my career as an artist and all my
friends and teachers expected me to achieve great things.

My dream was moving forward and growing smoothly.
Beginnings: August2016
    My  Story

Just before I was born , my mother dreamed she was in
vast fields of growing green peppers as far as the eye
could see.

This was interpreted to mean that the child would live in
great abundance. And indeed, my life has been filled
with a great many abundant treasures: my loving and
nurturing family, a great number of encouraging teachers
and mentors,  my life working as an artist, painter, and
teacher;  and finally my loving husband and my two
chocolate labs- Coco and Annie.

But, art has always been my true blue friend.

I started painting at a very early age and I remember
learning to draw lines and shapes and coloring my
drawings with my craypas. (oil pastels) My favorite toys
were my craypas and they were always with me, as I
learned to name the colors I loved and used in my
constant stream of childhood creations.

When, at six years old, my artwork was selected in an
international kindergarten art completion  to go to the
U.S.A. ; I think perhaps at that moment I first felt I was
destined to be an artist.

My childhood was easygoing and comfortable; and
painting and drawing came very naturally and easy to
me. In elementary and junior high school  I won every  
art competition . The prizes and gifts amused me and it
became a kind of game I played. I enjoyed the game but
in reality I worked very hard every day when I stayed by
myself in the art studio after class.

Painting gave me great satisfaction and presented a way
for me to have a feeling of achievement. At graduation
from junior high school I was given a special award for
being a talented art student.This award is one of my
most memorable honors.

The Recognition, awards, and compliments from
teachers, family and friends gave me great motivation to
continue to study art and to continue this journey that
was just then begun and continues today
This blog is dedicated to my Mother              
and the memory of my Father
with thanks to my sister Agnes and brother Jason
           for all thier support   
and special thanks to my husband Bruce  
for his help and perserversnce
It was then that I encountered the most distressing
period of my life.

My father died unexpectantly during the first
semester of graduate school.  My sadness and grief
led to great depression and for a long time my
dreams did not seem important.

With the encouragement of my family I was finely
able to continue and move on, and to finish my
schooling and achieve a Masters of Fine Art degree.

To me painting was my great consolation from the
emotional pain and sadness .

I believe that my father would be is very pleased to
see my paintings from his place in heaven and that
he gives me all of his support.

Just after I got my  Master degree of Fine Art, I had
my first solo show and stepped into the
professional art field at age 24.

I thought It was very tough period in my life
however. Looking back, I now know it was a
wonderful time when I began my career as a painter.

I dedicate all my efforts in this blog to my loving
family and my beloved father.
My thesis painting (shown to the Left) was entered in the
competition for entry into the Korean National Art competition in
1981, at the recomendation of my professor.

Just days before i got my MFA i had a dream of my father. We
were walking hand in hand toward the subway the runs below the
streets of Seoul.

Finally he spoke to me calling me by my childhood nickname:

"Chisoo, he said you must go your way" he said pointing, "but i
have appointments to keep and must go another"

The next day I found out that i was accepted for the competition
and that my name was on the list of winners.

I think my father knew.

I think that he approved of the path I had chosen.
Sept 2016
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